TuTuApp For Android and iOS – Download and Enjoy Paid Apps For Free!

What are smartphones without their share of apps and games? You can enjoy your share of apps and games through the official app stores. However, some of your favorite apps may not be available in the official app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes. Alternative App Stores become a necessity in such circumstances. There may be several reasons you may need check out the alternative app stores. TuTuApp is one such popular app store that has gone quite popular in recent times. This guide is meant to serve you as a means of understanding TuTuApp and how to install TuTuApp on Android and iOS.

TuTuApp – A Perfect Third-Party App Store

TuTuApp, also known as TuTuHelper after a recent renaming exercise, is an alternative app store for your smartphones. For those who have not known it, TuTuApp has been around since long and was available only in the Chinese language. Sensing the need for catering to the international community, the developers made the app available in English and renamed it to TuTu Helper. Moreover, they have also offered the app for both Android and iOS. In addition, TuTuApp is also available for PC.


Have you ever thought of downloading paid apps for free? Have ever considered opting for the in-app purchases without even spending a cent? TuTuApp helps you out here. TuTuApp rose to fame with its modded version of the popular game, Pokemon Go. After tasting success with Pokemon Go, the app store went ahead with offering the free versions of other popular paid apps and games like Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool, Super Mario Run and Clash Royale among others. One of the great features that would make it an interesting option for your apps is that it can be installed on any phone whether your Android is rooted or not. Even on your Apple device, you can install it on your phone no matter if you are jailbroken or not.

Some of the Best Features of TuTuApp – Read on To Know More

TuTuApp offers you a few features that you would not find in any other app stores. In fact, that should be one of the reasons for the popularity that it enjoys.

Here are a few features that would make it a perfect choice for all your needs –

  • Set Up Your Own App Store on Android and iOS – The app can be used to create and have your own app store on your phone apart from the official app store. Whether you are on Android or iOS, have access to your apps in one go.
  • Get Premium Apps – Well, that is what we would consider being the best feature with TuTuApp. It offers you almost all paid apps for free. You need not spend your hard earned money on the apps and in-app purchases.
  • Hacked Versions of the games – Availability of modded versions of the popular games is what TuTuApp is made for. Pokemon Go was the first Android game that received a hacked version of TuTuApp and catapulted the app store to what it stands as of today.
  • No Need to Technical Expertise – Installing apps TuTu Helper is an easy task. Either on an Android or iOS, it is quite easy to install TuTuApp on your device. Even the newbies can work with it with ease.
  • Built-in Tools – Apart from being an app store par excellence, TuTuApp also doubles up its usability and functionality with a couple of additional tools embedded within the app. Cleaner and ToolBox are a couple of added advantages that TuTuApp packs inside it. The Cleaner is a tool that helps you optimize your device. This lets you clear the cache, and cleaning the junk files apart from clearing up the RAM. The ToolBox has several tuners that include options for optimizing your battery performance and other finer optimization techniques.It also lets you access useful information about your device and its proper upkeeping.
  • Access to a huge number of apps – TuTuApp does not leave you disappointed when it comes to the sheer number of apps that it offers in its database. It includes all the apps you have been looking for. In fact, you should be able to find even those apps and games that you may not be able to get from other app stores.

TuTuApp is free – What Else would you want?

We have already seen the excellent features that the app comes with. But still, the TuTuApp does not cost you anything. That should make it the prime reason for you to opt for TuTuApp.

A free app that lets you download a host of apps and games for free – well, that should be the best app you can lay your hands on. Moreover, the TuTuApp has been made available for almost all major platforms – whether you are on iOS, Android or even on PC, TuTuApp is available for your device.

In fact, TuTuApp has been quite popular over the years. However, since it had been available only in Chinese – it did not fetch the attention of the world at large. However, the developers sensed the need to cater to the international community and relaunched the app in English after renaming it to TuTu Helper.

How To Download and Install TuTuApp on Android?

Well, are you convinced enough to try the TuTUApp on your Android? If you are looking for the ways to install it on your device, you have reached the right place. We will guide you through the steps involved in downloading and installing the app on your Android with ease.

Installing TuTuApp on your phone is not a tough task by any standard. If you are used to installing third-party apps on your Android, you should be able to do it with ease. You will need to have access to the APK file from any genuine source, to begin with. Being an alternative app store, it is not available on Google Play Store.

Before you can install TuTuApp APK on your device, you will need to enable app installations from unknown sources if you have not already done so. Here is how you can do it –

  • Go to Settings app on your Android.
  • Check out the Applications, Security or Privacy tabs under your Settings menu.
  • You should find the option to enable unknown sources under any of these tabs. Look for a toggle that says Unknown Sources.
  • Toggle the option to enable it.

Once you have enabled the third party app installations, you can proceed to grab the APK file and install it just the way you would install any APK. There are several sites that would help you have access to TuTuApp APK. We would advise you to examine the authenticity of the site you are downloading the APK from. Therefore, it would be a good idea to visit the official site for your download.

Follow the steps here below to get the APK file and install it on your phone.

  • Visit TuTuApp service.
  • Click on the appropriate link to download the APK file.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded onto your phone, tap on the downloaded file.
  • This will begin to install the APK on your Android. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

That does it. Your TuTuApp has successfully been installed on your Android device.

It would be important to note that your device needs to fulfill a few basic requirements to be able to install and execute TuTuApp APK on it.

  • You should have Android version 4.0 or above.
  • Ensure that your device has at least 1 GB of RAM.

If your device does have the aforesaid requirements, you should be able to install the TuTuApp on your phone with ease. However, if you are facing any issues with respect to download and installation instructions, do let us know. We will attempt to address your concerns.

How To Download and Install TuTuApp on iOS?

As we are aware, iOS is a closed OS and does not normally allow playing with its security features. If you want to have access to the security features, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone. However, we do not recommend a jailbroken device as it will compromise your security. It can make your iPhone susceptible to malware attacks.

Luckily enough, TuTuApp does not need you to jailbreak your iPhone. Even then, it may not be as easy as it was on Android. Thus, you will need to go through a few steps before you can install a third party app on your Apple device.
You can follow the steps indicated here below to download and install TuTuApp on your iOS device –

  • Launch Safari browser on your iOS device. Please note that the steps may or may not work with other browsers.
  • Visit TuTuApp VIP.
  • Once the page loads, you should find two tabs VIP and Regular. Tap on the Regular option.
  • Now, tap on More.
  • In the next screen, tap on Add To Home Screen option.
  • The next screen should take you to TuTuApp Installation Wizard. Tap on Add at top right corner.
  • The TuTuApp will be added to your Home Screen.

Once that done, you will now have to trust the app you just installed. Here is how you can do it –

  • Go into Settings on your iOS device.
  • Tap on General Settings.
  • Now, tap on Device management. The app you just installed should be available here.
  • Tap on this profile and simply tap on Trust. Confirm your action by tapping on the Trust button.

That does it. Thus, you have successfully installed TuTuApp on your iPhone.

Is it Safe To Use TuTuApp?

TuTuApp is an alternative app store as we have been stating repeatedly. So, you may be having doubts with respect to the usability of the safety involved in using this app. Let us address the concern a little.

Reports indicate that TuTuApp asks for some strange permissions. Users have complained that it requests permissions to make calls or sending/reading SMS. Given the functionality of the app, these permissions may appear uncalled for. This is likely to give rise to pro=ivacy concerns. However, it could also be possible that the developers may have used the default settings and might not have paid attention to the permissions. In any case, there have been no reports of any untoward incidents as a consequence of these permissions.

Even then, we may need to stress that if you have serious privacy concerns and would not want to jeopardize it, you may need to think otherwise. Moreover, installing the app from any non-reliable site may also prove to be harmful. We may not be able to guarantee the authenticity of the downloaded file which may contain malware and virus. We would stress the need to download it from a trusted source.

TuTuApp in a Nutshell

TuTu App is indeed a blessing in disguise for all of us smartphone users. Whether you are on Android or iOS, TuTuApp or TuTu Helper should help you gain access to your favorite apps and games. Moreover, this is the best way to have access to paid apps for free.

Apart from Android and iOS, you can have access to TuTuApp on your PC as well. If you want to install it on your PC, you may need to install Android Emulator on your PC or laptop.Moreover, using it on your Android or iOS device does not need you to root or jailbreak your smartphone. That would be one of the huge advantages of the TuTuApp. Do share your experiences and opinions about TuTuApp with us.

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